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Let our hands on experience work for you.  With MRM, you can trust that your practice will be serviced with experience, knowledge and detailed analysis.  We find the trends in your revenue cycle, target any recurring inaccuracy and diligently work to alleviate the issues.

 We strive for 100% clean claim submission upfront for the fastest return possible

Other billing companies work your claims from the back end.  They can’t or won’t dedicate the time to ensuring your claims are sent clean – without errors causing it to reject or deny.  Your revenue managers at MRM analyze every claim before it is submitted.  This method guarantees your earnings come in faster and the percentage of claims waiting for resubmission on the back end is minimal.

No Hidden Fees – Ever

MRM won’t exploit your Practice’s pocket.  We have an all-inclusive fee schedule with no  hidden fees. Our prices range from 4-7% depending on the magnitude of the attention your practice requires.  We also offer a flat fee special to small and start up practices. Are you currently with another billing company?  Let us compete for your business!

Communication is Key

The only adjustments MRM will make are legally mandated by insurance.  We will never erroneously make adjustments or “write-offs” to your accounts without communicating the issues.  MRM alleviates the communication barrier and works to correct any obstacles in your revenue cycle that prevent payment. Is your practice located in Massachusetts?  We come to you in person to communicate, consult and train.


  • Front End Management – observes, consults and trains
  • Revenue Management – Complete revenue cycle management with no hidden fees
  • Convenient Interface – Total transparency – reports and productivity capability
  • MIPS/MACRA – Meaningful Use submission and compliance
  • Credentialing and Contract Management
  • Customer Service and Patient Relations – statements and payment collection
  • Coding by Certified Coder Specialists
  • Data analysis and Interpretation
  • Overall Financial Consulting
  • Financial and HIPAA Compliance Forms
  • Physician Education – share our analysis findings
  • Enrollment in specialty and grant coverage such as Eylea and Good Days
  • Workers Comp, MVA and personal injury cases
  • Enrollment in Care Credit